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At your service since 1984


Mumtaz Mahal is one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Muscat serving the best North Indian food, since 1984. Mumtaz Mahal got its very name from Queen Mumtaz, who was the chief consort of Emperor Shahjahan, the famous Mughal king who built the statuesque Taj Mahal in her name. Every detail within the restaurant- from the delicious food to the very ambience within this palatial restaurant reflects a feeling of royalty and grandeur.

The iconic restaurant is perched on top of a hill overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Oman and the green beauty of the famed Qurum Park on one side with the unmatched view of the beautiful city of Muscat on the other.

As a flagship restaurant of the Ajit Khimji Group of Companies, Mumtaz Mahal has been at the forefront of the fine dining experience in Oman for over three decades.

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